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PRODUCTS | Hardware Supply, Assembly & Maintenance

SmartSoft Technologies Nig. Ltd. supplies, assemble, install and maintain all PC hardware and its accessories. With our expertise knowledge in PC maintainace, SmartSoft Technologies provide guaranteed services to our clients in a timely manner. We assemble clone PCs and supply branded PCs with warranties. We have expertise knowledge on the procurement of original license software’s from original manufacturers. Other equipment we supply include printers, scanners, IP phones, IP cameras, web cameras, laptops, finger print readers, etc. we also install and trouble shoot all of these equipments.

Software Design & Development

  • Desktop Applications
  • Database Applications
  • Distributed Systems
  • Android/Iphone Applications

Internet Service Solution

  • Internet Service Provission
  • Web Site Design & Development
  • Dynamic/Portal Site Applications
  • Online Registration Services

Network Service Solution

  • Wired Local Area Network
  • Wireless Local Area Network
  • Virtual Private Network Design
  • Remote LAN Site Connections

Hardware Supply & Installation

  • Personal Computers
  • Web CAMs
  • Closed Circuit Televission Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • PCs Accessories

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